FREE Photo Booth Rental Contract

FREE Photo Booth Rental Contract

November 06, 2016

HootBooth® Photo Booth sells high quality GIF photo booths, green screen photo booths, 100% automated photo booths, Instagram Printers and photo booth enclosures.

We have also managed several photo booth rental companies for years, and in addition to the legal reasons why you need to have every customer sign a rental contract there is another key reason to have an executed contract and that is to (drumroll, please) Set. Customer. Expectations.

An executed contract should set customer expectations by stating who, when, why and where. 

Who:  Who are the parties in the agreement - the customer and the rental company.

What:  What photo booth equipment is being rented.

Why:  What type of event is it?

Where:  What is the location (venue, address) and the timeframes that the service will be provided.

When you write down these details in a contract and have your customers sign it and your employees review it prior to an event, you will ensure:

1) Better communication between the client and the rental company

2) More informed employees who show up at the correct address and at the correct time.

3) Provides the client with expectations about what services are being offered and for what price.

4) Provides the client with expectations about important rental details about how your company addresses cancellations, additional time needed, payment structure and time and event items like damaged equipment.

You may click here to download this free photo booth rental contract.

Remember to have your attorney look over this contract so it can be customized for your state and the items you want to be sure to communicate to the client.  And don't go to a rental gig without a signed contract!