HootBooth® LumaVu 2x2 Video Wall, Remote Content Management, Commercia

HootBooth® LumaVu 2x2 Video Wall, Remote Content Management, Commercial 24/7 LED Backlit Displays, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE Capable

Rolling Stand With Lockable Wheels
Display Travel Case

Portable 2x2 Video Wall Digital Signage Solution For Your Business

HootBooth® is an authorized value-added reseller of Philips commercial 24/7 Backlit LED digital signage displays and we're your digital signage experts for social distancing messaging, events, hospitality, houses of worship, healthcare, convenience store, restaurants, and retail environments. Our digital signage solutions take the guesswork out of shopping for video walls and social media walls for your event, business, or non-profit.

No need to hire an expensive AV Integrator; our 2x2 video wall solutions contain all the hardware, software, Windows media player, cables, and mounts you'll need to set up your 2x2 video wall for promotional signage in retail stores, wayfinding, and social media walls at tradeshows or events and large signage displays for healthcare settings.

A video wall is a multi-display wall that is created by joining multiple screens together to form a super-sized display. A 2x2 Video Wall configuration consists of four (4) total displays of the same size set up in a 2x2 grid pattern - two on the top and two on the bottom. For the most impact, screen content including text, animations, photos, and videos can 'span' across the entire wall of displays creating a super-sized display that's ideal for social media walls at events, digital menu boards for restaurants, and promotional and social distancing messaging for retail and healthcare businesses.

Choose your display size (55" Full HD or 65" 4K UHD) and either a rolling stand with lockable wheels or a VESA wall-mount system.

Portable Rolling Stand With Lockable Wheels

Move your digital signage with ease on the optional commercial-grade aluminum rolling stand with lockable 360° swivel wheels. Quickly set up the portable rolling stand with the tool-less 8-point micro-adjustment that allows for precise alignment of each display and a quick-connect latch for automatic engagement with the mounting rails. Our rolling stand has built-in cable management via the rear adjustable cable centralizing brackets. Our sturdy stand is rated to hold up to 500 lbs.

Our commercial digital signage products have the highest quality features at an amazing value. The HootBooth® LumaVu 2x2 Video Wall seamlessly displays your content across multiple screens with its very narrow bezel design that creates the impression of one giant display.

Digital Signage Software That's Easy As Pie

Our digital signage comes pre-installed with our 'drag and drop' web-based content designer that's as easy to use as PowerPoint! The web-based editor is loaded with features; create eye-catching multi-display spanning designs including social feeds, animated text, video, and images. Embed photos, video, and other content into your designs from popular sources you already use for your business including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram Photos, Instagram Hashtags, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, Media RSS Feed, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Weather and Launch Countdown Clock.

Predesigned Digital Menus & Other Business Templates

Start your design from scratch or use the gorgeous pre-designed templates available for all types of businesses including events, hospitality, restaurants, churches, retail, and more. Use your multi-spanning screens to display social distancing requirements for your restaurant or public venue.

True 24x7 Runtime Of Your Digital Signage

Displays that run 24/7 without damage to the display are critical for businesses that are open 24 hours per day including healthcare, hospitals, pharmacies, hotels, and convenience stores. Our Philips Commercial 24/7 displays run continuously without damage and our displays are super bright and can be placed indoors, outdoor, and in shop windows.

Landscape & Portrait Orientations

Our digital signage configurations can be set up for landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation.

Displays So Bright You'll Have To Wear Shades

Our commercial signage displays are so bright (450-500cd/m²) they're viewable indoors, outdoors, or as window signage.

Works With Or Without WiFi

Remotely push new content over WiFi. If your WiFi network is ever down, your HootBooth LumaVu Digital Signage will run in "Offline' mode.

Quick Content Changes With Remote Management

Make quick messaging changes with LumaVu's web-based content editor. It's as easy as PowerPoint to create content. You can even publish changes remotely - and instantly - to your digital signage via WiFi and Bluetooth - it's even 4G/LTE capable!

Dayparting/ Scheduled Content

The 'day-parting/scheduling' feature can instantly change your promotional content at prescheduled times. For example, have a pre-set time each day to display certain content.

Free 1x1 Software Training

Every digital signage purchase includes free 1x1 software training with our support specialists so even if the world of digital signage is new to you, we will walk you through everything you need to know.

Four (4) Philips Commercial 24/7 LED-backlit digital signage LCD displays of the same size available in 3 sizes (55" Full HD or 65" 4K UHD), Windows-based media player with 8GB memory, 128 SSD storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE capable connections, display remote control, pre-installed premium digital signage software, 1-seat license to our content design software and 1x1 software training with our tech support specialists and your choice of VESA wall-mount hardware or portable 2x2 rolling stand with lockable wheels. Note that if you select the portable stand, VESA wall-mount hardware will also be included. All displays carry a 3-year warranty from Philips.

Optional Rolling Travel Cases

The optional rolling travel display case is a great option to protect your digital signage investment. Two (2) cases that each hold two (2) displays are included with the optional travel case purchase.

True 24/7 runtime with 50,000 hours of LED-backlit life. Keep your display on 24 hours, 7 days a week with no damage to your digital signage! Great for hotels, healthcare settings, 24-hour retail, pharmacies, and convenience stores

Full HD 1080p resolution (49", 55" displays) or 4K UHD resolution (65" signage) for amazing digital signage quality

Modern design with ultra-narrow bezel for a seamless super-sized display

Powerful Intel quadcore Windows-based media player with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage

Great connection options including LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth. 4G/LTE capable via USB port

Our super bright 450-500cd/m² displays make your digital signage pop. Our digital signage can be placed indoors, outdoors and store windows

Our digital signage can be run in 'Offline Mode' when you won't have access to WiFi or other connections

Integrated Audio: 2 speakers with 20 Watt output

Full range of support for audio, video, and photo formats

Our super portable digital signage solution includes a heavy-duty powder-coated black rolling stand with height adjustment, lockable wheels (UL Safety certified)

3-year warranty on the displays

Optional travel cases for displays

We pre-install our premium digital signage software onto each digital signage system

Free digital signage software training included with every purchase

Simple, feature-rich 'drag & drop' web-based content editor (CMS) to design signage content that 'spans' across multiple displays

Our software includes a toolbox of royalty-free images, vectors, video, and animated GIFs

Add music to your digital signage

Create a slideshow of your digital content and present multiple messages to your clients

Beautiful pre-designed templates for many business types such as restaurants, hospitality, worship, and retail including designs for holiday sales promotions

Upload your own signage content via PDF, JPG, PNG, and PPT

Create eye-catching multi-display spanning designs including social feeds, animated text, video, and images

Embed video and other content into your designs from popular sources including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram Photos, Instagram Hashtags, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, Media RSS Feed, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Weather and Launch Countdown Clock

Create fully customized designs with our hundreds of available fonts (or upload your own), edit and crop images, and add excitement to yoursignage by animating text and images

Automatic conversion of video files, images, and rich text makes it fast to add your content elements

Remotely manage and push new content to your digital signage content via WiFi and other connection options

Use the day-parting (scheduling) feature to showcase the right content for the right time of day. Great for digital menu board changes, conference speaker changes, and more!

The 'Alerts' feature will ping you by email if your digital signage goes offline

Add colleagues to manage your designs  via email invite

Digital Screen Size: 48.5" (49" display), 54.6" (55" display) & 64.5" (65" display)

Optimum resolution: 1920 x 1080 (49 & 55" display); 3840 x 2160 (65" display)

Display orientation: landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)

Display Brightness: 49 & 55": 450  cd/m²; 65": 500 cd/m²

LED backlight life: 50,000 hours for true 24/7 runtime

Contrast ratio: 11000:1

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Viewing angle: 178 degree

Bezel Width: 49" & 55": 9.6 mm; 65": 11.7mm

Connectivity: LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE capable

Digital signage display dimensions: 49" display: 43.2 x 25 x 1.79 inches; 55" display: 48.79 x 2.43 x 28.02 inches, 65" display: 57.43 x 32.86 x 3.21 inches

Digital signage display weight: 32.6 lbs. (49" display); 35.19 lbs. (55" display); 54.7 lbs. (65" display)

Rolling stand dimensions: 76" high x 80" width 

Rolling stand weight: 160 lbs. with a load capacity of 500 lbs.

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Lifetime email, phone & Knowledge Base support. 30 days of free HootHelp remote support.

3 year warranty on display; 1 year warranty on all other components