HootBooth® MINI DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth (Partially Assembled)

HootBooth® MINI DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth (Partially Assembled)

Product Overview

This is a showroom demo unit for sale of our stylish MINI EventPRO photo booth enclosure. This 'demo model' photo booth is pre-wired and ready to be fitted with your own Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and Canon DSLR camera. This is a super value and saves you loads of time as it has been fully assembled with the exception of a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet PC and a Canon DSLR camera.

Major components built into this product include the AlienBees ABR800 flash unit, Canon DSLR camera mount, Canon DSLR camera sync cable, thumb screws, power multi-strip, USB Hub and USB corner cable (connects to the USB hub from a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet PC.) 

Most of the assembly work is done; simply fit your Microsoft Surface Pro inside, hook up the cables to your DSLR camera, plug and go! This enclosure is suitable for the 'build-it yourself' enthusiast who will source and assemble the missing components and source/ install software.

What's Included: MINI DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth shell pre-assembled with the components listed in the 'Key Features' section. We recommend purchasing the MINI DSLR EventPRO Travel Case.

What Else Will I Need? Your choice of photo both software, Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet PC and a Canon DSLR Camera that supports 'Live View' functionality such as the Canon EOS M50, Canon EOS SL1 or Canon EOS SL2. You may consider touching up the scratches with white matte touch-up paint.

Key Features
  • Pearl white aluminum chassis and steel base
  • Alien Bees ABR800 ring light flash unit
  • Canon DSLR camera mount
  • Canon DSLR camera sync cable
  • Power multi-strip
  • Opening for 12" Surface Pro tablet PC (i5 processor or high recommended)
  • Opening for Canon DSLR camera (Canon SL1, Canon SL2, Canon M50, Canon T5 or Canon T7 recommended)
  • Flush mount USB output ready
  • USB fan vent holes
  • Unique locking swivel head for perfect camera height and easy positioning
  • Aluminum kiosk with steel base

  • Kiosk Color: Pearl White

  • Kiosk Enclosure Weight: 35 lbs.

  • Kiosk Dimensions: 61" height x 10" width x 24" depth.

  • Made in the USA

  • 1 year warranty 
  • Lifetime phone and email support