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HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO PWR MAX Photo Booth

The HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO PWR MAX Photo Booth is packed with the most advanced technology for event professionals. This 43 lb. photo booth sports a large 21.5" touchscreen display, two light sources - an LED ring light and strobe flash with quick-bounce card, and two cameras - a Canon EOS M50 mirrorless DSLR camera with 4K video recording and a Logitech C920 webcam.

This powerful photo booth has a dedicated PC (not a tablet) that powers computational-heavy photo types with ease including video, augmented reality photos, SloMo (slow-motion) video, animated green screen, animated GIFs, and hashtag printing. This pearl white photo booth also supports photo printing (optional printer required),single-shot photos, and social sharing. 

Additional unique features include a tilting head that allows for perfect positioning of the camera, colorful LED accent lighting around the top of the photo booth to attract guests over to the booth, and a 10.5" tablet mount with dimmable LED lights perfect for slideshows, advertising, social sharing station or an iPad-based photo booth experience (additional iPad photo booth software subscription required.)

Touch-free Photo Sharing Experience! Guests can instantly receive their digital photos via the QR Code on the photo booth's display - no sharing stations or additional tablets required! 

Also included with this DSLR photo booth for sale are the latest 24.1 MP (megapixel) Canon EOS M50 mirrorless DSLR camera with 4K video recording, Logitech C920 webcam, always-on LED ring light, strobe flash with a quick bounce card, dedicated PC, a bright, 21.5" touch screen display and 10.5" tablet mount with dimmable LEDs on the back of the photo booth.

Our super-smart photo booth offers guests a touch-free experience with a touchless start using the included USB-based foot pedal and it auto-prints the correct number of photos for each guest using our software's facial recognition technology (optional photo printer required.)

Gets can instantly receive their digital photos after their photo session by scanning the QR Code on the photo booth screen with their phone. No sharing stations or tablets required! Once guests receive their photos, they can share them from the event gallery to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, or text!

Fully assembled DSLR EventPRO PWR MAX photo booth,  professional Canon M50 mirrorless DSLR camera with 4K video, Logitech C920 webcam, dedicated Intel-based PC with Intel i7 processor, 128GB hard drive, and 16GB RAM. 21.5" touch screen display, professional LED ring light, A/C powered strobe light with a quick bounce card, USB-foot pedal, power supply, and installed software. If the optional photo printer is purchased, your order will include 1 roll of photo paper/media.

Note: tablet for the back of the unit is not included.

Optional Dye-sublimation Printer + Cover Kit

This optional kit includes the Sinfonia CS/2 dye-sublimation printer, printer cover, and printer shelf to attach the printer to the photo booth stand. The kit can be placed on either the front or back of the photo booth stand. For this product variant, we recommend purchasing our Reversible White/Greenscreen Backdrop.

Optional Cases

Protect your investment with our smooth rolling travel cases for your photo booth and printer. Our airline-approved cases have custom-fit foam-padded interiors, telescoping handles, and smooth rollerblade-style wheels.

43 lb. portable kiosk

Pearl white aluminum chassis and steel base

Colorful LEDs around the top of the photo booth attract guests to the photo booth

5-minute setup using tool-less assembly

Large 21.5" LCD touch screen display

Intel-i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 128GB hard drive, and integrated wireless for immediate uploads to social media sites

Mount with dimmable LED lights on the back of the unit for any 10.5" tablet 

Easy 5-minute setup using tool-less assembly

Unique locking swivel head for perfect camera height and easy positioning

Dimmable, professional LED ring light flash - an important component for video and AR photos

Built-in A/C powered strobe with a quick bounce card

Takes stunning images with the integrated 24.1 megapixels Canon EOS M50 mirrorless DSLR camera with 4K video recording, f3.5-6.3mm aperture, and a 15-45mm zoom lens (35mm equivalent focal length of 24-72mm)

Logitech C920 webcam

USB-based foot pedal for starting a touch-free photo booth session 

Guests can use the touchscreen to easily choose between 'Print' or 'Video' photo booth mode

Free starter pack of media (1 roll/300 prints) included with optional printer purchase

Touch-free printing powered by facial recognition auto-prints the correct number of prints for each guest (optional photo printer required)

Choose from thousands of Augmented Reality (AR) filters from Snapchat's Lenses Library

Create your own Augmented Reality (AR) filters to use at events

Green screen removal with support for multiple background choices 

SloMo (slow motion video): Record five-second video clips of your guests that can be instantly uploaded as slow-motion videos

Animated GIFs: Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos to print, email, text, or share to social media

Hashtag Printing from multiple hashtags - exclusive feature!

Face morphing: Transform your guests into another guest, celebrity image, or cartoon and instantly upload your animation to social media

Video integration: Upload videos live to social media sites for video booths, testimonials, and marketing events

Green screen video

Green screen animated GIFs

Send photo instantly to Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from the booth’s touchscreen and/or wirelessly from a tablet (no other software or service required)

Customize on-screen menus including language selection, logo, and more

Customize the email sharing messaging including the address, subject line, and email message that guests receive. (Pictures are embedded in the body of the email)

Photo booth software allows for easy customization of print templates

Powerful marketing features including survey and data collection for each photo booth user and prompting users to 'Like' your Facebook page before uploading photos to social media sites

Option to upload photos in the background to your company Facebook page, Twitter profile, Smugmug account, or FTP site

Transmit photo booth slideshows to a remote display via the Chromecast Slideshow feature (Chromecast device not included)

HootBooth® EventPRO models ship with a lifetime software license; there are no annual fees for the life of the photo booth. The software has an ongoing maintenance fee of 10 cents ($USD) per digital image share from the photo booth kiosk or social media upload from the photo booth kiosk. There is never a fee for photo prints. There is a maximum fee of $29 per event.

Aluminum photo booth kiosk with steel base

21.5" high-resolution touchscreen display

Mount for 10.5" tablet with dimmable LED lights on the back of the unit for slideshows, social sharing station, advertising, or separate iPad-based photo booth experience.

Dimmable, professional ring light flash

Built-in A/C powered strobe flash with flip bounce card lighting

Colorful LED lights on the perimeter of the booth attract guests to the photo booth

24.1 megapixel Canon EOS M50 mirrorless DSLR camera

f/3.5–5.6mm aperture and a 15-45mm zoom lens (35mm equivalent focal length of 24-72mm)

4K video recording. UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.976p, full HD (1920 x 1080) at 59.94p, full HD (1920 x 1080) at 23.976p, HD (1280 x 720) at 119.88p, HD (1280 x 720) at 59.94p

Logitech C920 webcam

Integrated camera power supply

Intel-based PC with i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 128GB hard drive

802.11b/g/n wireless/WiFi

USB-based foot pedal

Ports: 1x 3.0 USB, 1x mini display port, 1 X Full-size USB 3.0, microSDXC card reader, Surface Connect, 3.5mm Headset jack, Mini DisplayPort

OS: Windows 10

Optional Sinfonia CS2 Dye-sublimation printer; 5x7, 4x6, or auto-cuts print into two 2x6 strips!

Photo Booth Color: Pearl White

Optional Printer Cover and Shelf Kit Color: Black

Photo Booth Weight: 43 lbs.

Optional Printer + Printer Cover Kit Weight: 26 lbs.

Photo Booth Dimensions: 62" height x 22.55" width x 6.84" depth

Optional Printer Dimensions: 10.7" wide x 13.3" depth x 6.6" height

Optional Photo Booth Travel Case: 40 lbs.

Optional Printer Travel Case: 16 lbs.

Made in the USA

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