HootBooth® ILLUMIN8+ 11” Ring Light iPad Photo Booth

HootBooth® ILLUMIN8+ 11" Ring Light iPad Photo Booth

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Make your events crazy fun with the HootBooth® ILLUMIN8+ iPad Photo Booth - our super portable 25 lb., brandable 11" or 10.5" iPad-based photo booth with a gorgeous 15" dimmable, tiltable ring light that captures Animated GIF photos, Boomerang photos, Burst photos, Single Shots, tons of face-altering (FA) and face-tracking filters, Animated Green Screen and Magic Green Screen (magically removes the background to replace with a custom background.) 

Our iPad Photo Booth's amazing software is a branding powerhouse that lets you customize the entire guest experience including the attract screen, photo overlay, and email and text messaging. And your guests will have a blast adding face tracking digital props to single-shot photos and GIF photos - just like Snapchat- to send immediately to text, email, and social media.

Track photo shares! Our software provides metrics of all photo shares and captures data analytics, emails, and phone numbers for remarketing campaigns with easy export options. Our software even queues photo uploads if your internet connection is slow or drops - so you never lose an image from an event.

Fully assembled ILLUMIN8+ photo booth, base, and stand, professional 15" dimmable LED ring light with tiltable height adjustment, tablet holder for the 11" or 10.5" Apple iPad Pro tablet, and power supply. If the product variant with software is chosen, your software subscription for 3 months of unlimited events will be sent to you via email. Beginning in month 4, continue the monthly subscription for $149 per month or change to a $29 per event subscription.

Optional Cases

Protect your investment with our smooth rolling travel cases for your photo booth and printer. Our airline-approved cases have custom-fit foam-padded interiors and smooth wheels.

Apple iPad Not Included

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Super portable: 25 lb. iPad tablet-based photo booth; designed for both the Apple 11" or 10.5" iPad Pro (note: tablet not included)

Easy To Use: Assemble in under 1 minute - no tools required!

Beautiful Lighting: The dimmable 15" LED ring light draws people in and makes your photos look great!

Easy Adjustment:The tiltablehead easily adjusts the iPad's camera height and can be set to portrait or landscape mode

Auto-Charging:Enjoy all-day use as the HootBooth® ILLUMIN8+ iPad Photo Booth charges your iPad while it’s connected

Tons of Photo Types: Animated GIF, Boomerang, Bursts, Single Shots, Face Altering filters, Green Screen GIF, Animated Green Screen, Magic Green Screen (magically removes the background and replaces with your custom background)

Face Tracking Digital Props and Animated Digital Props: Add face tracking digital props and animated digital props to any Single Shot or GIF photo - just like Snapchat!

Fully Brandable Everything: Branded attract screen, branded image overlays, branded image galleries, customizable email, and sharing language – all for increased exposure.

Instant Social Sharing: Share via social media, text (SMS), or email.

Live Gallery:  Your live image gallery is updated instantly after every photo taken for easy and quick sharing to social media.

Fully Brandable:  Brandable start screen, image overlays, image galleries, and customizable email and social sharing language – all for increased exposure.

Photo Queuing:  Our software queues photo uploads when your internet connection is slow or drops so you never lose an image from an event.

Powerful Analytics & Reporting:  Our software tracks everything your guests do with their photos including collecting emails, mobile numbers, sharing statistics, and more.

Photo Printing Supported:  This is an advanced setup and requires an extra PC to serve as a dedicated print server which will 'talk' to our photo booth software via our wireless printing app. Note that this is an advanced setup option and a strong wireless signal is required for printing. We recommend the Sinfonia CS/2 Printer, a fast professional dye-sublimation printer.

Photo Booth Software Option:  Includes 3 months of usage for unlimited events; $149 per month beginning in month 4 or switch to $29/event. 

Aluminum base, pedestal, and mounting brackets

25 lbs. (assembled weight)

15" Dimmable LED ring light (160 LED bulbs) with adjustable color temperature button (3200k - 5600k)

Tiltable heads

iPad tablet mount sized for both the Apple 11" and 10.5" iPad Pro

A/C Power: 32 watts / 15v / 5a

Height (base to top of unit): 59.2"

Height (base to top of the camera): 56"

Optional travel case weight: 15 lbs

Optional travel case dimensions: 27" length x 25" width x 10" depth

Made in the USA

Wireless photo printing to a professional dye-sublimation photo printer is supported with this product but requires a separate PC or Mac computer to serve as a dedicated print server. A dedicated print server 'connects' your Apple iPad on the photo booth to any professional dye-sub photo printer. For customers wanting a super simple way to print photos to a dye-sublimation photo printer, we offer a proprietary product, the HootBooth ILLUMIN8+ With Wireless Printing, that includes an integrated onboard print server and dye-sub photo printer. 

Printing Via Apple AirPrint: Our photo booth software does support Apple's iPad native wireless 'AirPrint' technology; however, only consumer photo printers are available with AirPrint technology. Consumer photo printers have a much slower print time and lower much more slowly and lower print resolution than professional dye-sub photo printers. 

For either photo printing scenario, a strong wireless signal is required.

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