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10 Wedding Planning Tips From Top Planners

November 19, 2019

Handling the countless elements needed for a wedding is challenging. Often, there are many things that don’t even make it to your wedding checklist. To discover more, here are some forgotten tips for wedding planning to ensure your wedding day is one to remember.

Discuss the Budget 

Setting a budget for your wedding is crucial, as you don’t want to be spending excessively. Determine precise amounts to help avoid any misunderstandings about the budget with your future spouse.

Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

Even the tightest budget needs wiggle room, as additional costs can arise while prepping for your wedding. Having some room for incidentals in your budget will help to avoid any further stress or frustrations.

Avoid Procrastinating

Many couples are subject to procrastination if they don’t start their planning early. Days before your wedding, you don’t want to be worrying about any unchecked items on your to-do-list.

Don’t Overestimate Your Planning Time

Even though 12 months may seem like more than enough time, you are going to have outside responsibilities to account for during the planning process. Be sure to set aside time when you can accomplish tasks on your checklist. That extra time you made will benefit you in the long run.

Throwing a Casual Wedding Is Just as Complicated

Don’t let the word “casual” fool you, as a simpler wedding could end up being just as complex as a fancier one. Again, allowing a generous amount of time to plan is beneficial no matter your style of wedding. After all, it tends to be the little things that sneak up on you as your wedding date approaches.

Sign Up for a Great Registry 

Creating a solid wedding registry can ensure that you get exactly what you ask for at the bridal shower and on your wedding day, whether you’re asking for physical gifts or simply money. If you are considering receiving donations for your honeymoon, there are opportunities for this as well, such as an  online wedding registry.

Have a Photo Booth

At the reception, one of the best ways to capture memories is to have a photo booth. With our DSLR photo booths, you can print out several copies of photos, ensuring that both guests and the bride and groom get a copy of each wacky photo you take. In fact, our super smart software in our DSLR photo boothscan identify the number of guests in a photo grouping and print out exactly the number of copies needed! 

Create Your Seating Arrangements Early

Don’t underestimate the struggle of creating the seating chart for your wedding. As you’ll discover, trying to figure out who should be at each table is an art in itself. Not placing people in the right seating could lead to catastrophe and confusion, which you don’t want on your wedding day.

Don’t Become Overwhelmed 

It’s not hard to get swept up in the mix of planning, especially when you have several ideas and routes you could potentially take. Try narrowing it down by eliminating the items you don’t want and keeping the ones you couldn’t imagine your wedding without. 

Visualize What You Want 

While planning, you are going to hear numerous opposing opinions from many people you know. This is why it is important to stay focused on what you value as a couple, regardless of what others try to tell you.

This all comes down to being decisive in your wedding planning. Be sure to take in all these forgotten tips to make sure your wedding day goes off without problems. From avoiding procrastination to zoning in on your needs, your wedding will be the beautiful day you always imagined.