Product Warranty Information From HootBooth® Photo Booth

Product Warranty

HootBooth® Photo Booths and Instagram Printers Warranty:

All of our photo booths, touchscreen display, cameras, lighting and PC hardware include a one (1) year limited warranty covering all manufacturers' defects and parts via all manufacturers of the assembled components. 

Printer Warranty:

Printers included with a photo booth kiosk and 'standalone' printers for sale on our website include a one (1) year limited warranty covering all manufacturers' defects and parts. Claims are directly with Sinfonia Technology. 

Software Warranty:

All HootBooth® Photo Booth and Hoot #Hashtag Instagram Printers are pre-installed with a one year license of photo booth software.  

Filing a Warranty Claim:

To file a warranty claim associated with a purchase from HootBooth® Photo Booth, please email us at within thirty (30) days of the manifestation of the issue and include the serial number and purchase date of item you wish to file a warranty claim for.  We will provide you with an RMA# and specific instructions on how best to send us your component(s) that require repair.

Important Conditions:

  • Overclocking a PC by the customer or other PC modifications and removal of any serial numbers will void the warranty.  
  • Systems need to be returned in sufficient packaging with a minimum of 2" foam covering all sides.  If the unit is above 32" it must be returned on a pallet.
  • Your warranty will not cover broken or scratched glass on the touchscreen display, broken USB ports on the PC or chipped or dented or scratched housings of the kiosk. 
  • HootBooth® Photo Booth and our manufacturers reserve the right to send out a local technician or ask for assistance to determine what the root cause of a problem is.