FAQ for HootBooth® Products

FAQ for HootBooth® Products

Q: Can you tell me about your company, HootBooth®?  

A:  HootBooth® is a manufacturer of photo booth kiosk and digital signage solutions made in USA in the great state of Texas! Our company is comprised of photographers, technology and business professionals who have been renting and selling photo booth equipment for over five years. 

Q: How much money can I make running a photo booth rental company?

A: The average rental price for a photo booth rental in the USA is $700 - $1500 per event. The rental fee will vary by the location of your city, the average rental price of your competitors and the number of hours of rental. 

Q: I see you offer several categories of photo booths.  What are the main differences?

A: Yes! We offer iPad-based photo booths and DSLR-based photo booths.

In summary, our iPad-based photo booths are great for people who want the least expensive and the easiest type of photo booth to learn. There are no camera settings to worry about and our iPad photo booths have great social media sharing options and other fun features like face-tracking filters and digital props! 

Our DSLR-based photo booths are our most advanced photo booths for event professionals. This line of photo booths prints photos super fast with the optional dye-sublimation printer. The professional DSLR Canon camera is very high end and the ring light flash creates amazing photos - no beauty filter needed! Advanced photo booth capabilities include video, SloMo (slow motion), animated green screen, face morphing features and more.

The HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO PWR Photo Booth weighs only 27 lbs. and is ideal for event professionals wanting to offer powerful, advanced photo features to their guests including augmented reality, video, SloMo, animated green screen and more!The iPad mount with dimmable LED lights on the back of the booth allows you to even operate an additional photo booth experience at the same time - great for large events!

The HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 iPad Photo Booths are social sharing powerhouses! These photo booths capture popular image types that are a blast to share on social media including Animated GIFs, Boomerang photos, Burst photos and more! Guests can add digital props to both still images and Animated GIF photos - just like Snapchat! It's easy to add branded overlays to images and GIF photos - perfect for corporate events and brand activations. The images can be easily shared via social media, text (SMS) and email. Photo printing is supported.Also popular in our ILLUMIN8 iPad Photo Booth lineup is the ILLUMIN8 360 Photo Booth, the ILLUMIN8+ COLRZ model available in an a selection of bright, fun colors and the incredible 3.5 lb. ILLUMIN8 ROVR photo booth, which is a handheld photo booth so that you can bring the photo booth experience directly to guests at events such as festivals, concerts, activations and more.

And our new HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 MAX 12.9" iPad Photo Booth With Wireless Printing and HootBooth ILLUMIN8+ iPad Photo Booth With Wireless Printing blur the line between DSLR & iPad-based photo booths. We've integrated a wireless print server and professional dye-sublimation photo printer into these two photo booth models to bring you the best of both worlds. With this product, the photo booth prints photos wirelessly to the included dye-sublimation printing kiosk meaning no ugly cables to mess with or trip on!

Q: What type of support do you offer on your photo booths?

A:  All HootBooth® Photo Booths come standard with lifetime phone, email and knowledge base support and 30 days of HootHelp which is our free remote technical support for getting started and trouble shooting once you receive your new HootBooth® Photo Booth. With your permission, we will log in to the PC on your HootBooth from our offices; our HootHelp service includes live tutorials for printing and social features, assistance in personalizing your photo booth screens and printing templates with your logo and general Q&A and troubleshooting for the first 30 days.  You will always have the option to purchase a 1 Year Remote Support subscription for $599 to continue the HootHelp remote support service. 

Q: How easy are HootBooth® Photo Booths to set up?

A:   All HootBooth® Photo Booth models are designed to be set up in only five minutes!  It's as simple as attaching the photo booth kiosk to the base/stand part of the booth. Once that's done, just wheel it in place in front of your backdrop, plug it in and you're ready to roll! 

Q: What are your photo booth kiosks made out of?

A:   All HootBooth® Photo Booth kiosks are constructed with formed aluminum and are powder-coated to stand up in all kinds of environments - even outdoors. The bases are made of powder-coated steel and designed for stability so you never experience any camera shake! 

Q: I see you offer photo booths with and without printers.  Why is that?  Won't I always need a photo printer?

A:  Many guests love to walk away from their photo booth session with a print in hand.  However, some of our HootBooth® customers already own a professional dye-sublimation printer and don't need to purchase a new one at the time they purchase their new HootBooth® photo booth. Also, social media sharing is very popular where guests upload the digital image to social media or share it with others from their phone; all of our photo booth kiosks include social sharing functionality.

Q: Do you sell printers and print media?

A:  Yes we do!  We sell the Sinfonia CS2 Dye-Sublimation Printer Model which is the world's smallest and fastest professional photo printer.  We also offer great pricing on replacement media for HootBooth Photo Booths that use this printer - only $99 per order of media (includes two rolls of media) that prints 600 4x6 prints and quick shipping!

Q: Do you offer financing HootBooth?

A: While you can apply for a loan at your bank, we've found that the easiest, quickest financing is through Klarna, which is available as a payment option at checkout! Klarna offers up to 36 months of financing for orders up to $10,000. You can get an instant 2-step credit decision when you choose the 'Pay With Klarna' payment option at checkout. Once you've been approved, you can manage your credit directly in the Klarna app,

Q: Can photo booth kiosks be used for brand marketing, activation campaigns and other corporate promotional campaigns?  

A:  Yes, all HootBooth® Photo Booths and hashtag Instagram printers are a great way to promote your brand and company! The photo print design can include your brand's logo, our software can collect emails to be used for lead generation and marketing nurture programs and the kiosk itself can even included a branded logo wrap.  Branded logo wraps begin at $500; call us for a custom quote.  And the HootBooth® Hashtag Instagram Printer is a great way to engage your guests at promotional events. This innovate kiosk will live print Instagram and Twitter images that have been tagged with up to two (2) event hashtags and is a great reach to grow your social footprint!

Q: Can the software be customized with my logo and other branding elements?

A:  Yes, all of our DSLR photo booths, iPad Photo Booths and hashtag printers allow you to add logo overlays and other branding elements to the attract screen and photo booth print templates.

Q: I want to purchase a product from HootBooth® but don't feel comfortable placing an order online. What are my options?

A:  Our shopping cart is hosted on a secure server which makes ordering online with us very safe. However, we understand that not everyone wishes to use their credit card at an online store. If you prefer, you may pay via wire transfer or PayPal. Please call us at +1-800-518-HOOT (4668) or send an email to sales@hootboothphotobooth.comto utilize one of these options.

Q: I want to order a product from your store but don't live in the United States. How do I place an order?

A:  If you live in Canada, you can check-out online. If you live in another international country, please call us at +1-800-518-HOOT (4668) to receive a customized shipping quote. You may pay via wire transfer or via credit card (we will send a custom invoice to you to complete the transaction online.) 

All international customers are responsible for paying VAT or other customs duties .

Q: I want to order online but I need it shipped to a different location than the one that my credit card is tied to.

A: We can only ship to the address that matches the address that your credit card is tied to.  If you wish to ship to a different address, we can take payment in the form of a bank draft and then ship to you at the address you request us to ship to.  Thank you for understanding; this is a fraud prevention measure.

Q: Do I have to pay state sales tax when I order online?

A:  Our business is based in the United States in the state of Texas; therefore, we are required to collect sales tax (8.25% total state sales tax) on orders that are being shipped to Texas.  However, if you have a Texas state sales tax ID or a federal tax ID for your business, please call us to place your order so that we can confirm your sales tax ID.  You will then be able to place a tax-free order with us via your credit card or check.

Q: If I order a product from you do I get to use the HootBooth® brand name, images or videos?

A:  No. As we are not a franchise, you may not legally use our registered trademark name of HootBooth®, our logo or logotype, our photos or our videos in your business venture. Note that hold the copyright to all our product images and videos; these items are not for sale or use on any other website.

Q:  What are the expenses incurred during a typical photo booth gig?

A:  The cost or printer supplies (ink and paper) and services for social media uploads will be the only cost incurred. Note that the average cost of a 4x6 print with our printer is $.17 cents per print (which includes media and print.) For a 4-hour photo booth rental, 40-100 prints is average, thus the total media expenses for a four 4-hour rental will be at most $17.00 per event.

Q: Do all HootBooth® Photo Booths save the images as digital files?

A: Yes.

Q: Can all HootBooth® Photo Booths take color and black & white images?

A:  All HootBooth® photo booth models captures images in color; these images can be printed as color or as black & white. 

Q: What is your warranty policy for all of the HootBooth® Photo Booths?

A:  HootBooth® photo booths include a 1 year limited warranty. The are manufactured with a durable chassis and components. Please find our Product Warranty information here 

Q: What is your warranty policy for your LumaVu Digital Signage products?

A: 3 year's warranty on the display and 1 year warranty on display mounts.

Q:  Can you tell me about lead timesonce I place an order?

A:  Once your order is accepted, your photo booth will go in to production.  The standard lead time before shipping is 2 weeks but we usually have a few units available for immediate shipping.If you are wanting to receive your product by a specific date, please call us to check availability.

Q:  What are the shipping costs for products?

A:  Shipping costs vary by product weight and shipping destination. You may add a photo booth to the shopping cart to see the price for your destination. Please contact us to obtain a shipping quote for delivery outside the continental US.

Q:  What is the warranty and return policy for HootBooth®  products?

A:  Please read our warranty policy here.  HootBooth® replaces items/components if they are defective or damaged and within the one year warranty period. Note that printers also come standard with a one (1) year limited warranty and our digital signage displays include a three (3) year warranty from Philips. 

Please email us at warranty@hootboothphotobooth.com or call us at +1-800-518-4668 to obtain an RMA tracking number as we cannot accept a return without an RMA tracking number.  

Please read our Return Policy here.