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DSLR EventPRO Photo Booths for Sale

Our Most Advanced Photo Booth for Event Pros 

HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO Photo Booths are the best DSLR photo booths on the market and support advanced photo booth features including true green screen, animated GIFs, slow motion (SloMo) video, face morphing, green screen video, green screen animated GIFs, and hashtag printing! 

Share your digital photos instantly via email, text, and social. Our super-smart software includes facial recognition and auto-prints the exact number of photos from each photo booth session so all guests leave with a photo! Our photo booths include high-capacity storage so your guests can easily post video testimonials and animated GIFs to social. 

Our entire line of HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO photo booths features a unique locking swivel head for the perfect positioning of the camera. The powerful ring light flash provides glow-up portrait lighting and the zoom lens photographs large groups and full-body shots.

The kiosk enclosure is keyed for security and internal components are easy to access during an event if needed. HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO photo booths can be set up in 5 minutes; no tools are required!

The HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth is a great value in a small, compact design. This 27 lb. DSLR photo booth features a 12" touchscreen display in a stylish design with an AlienBees ABR800 ring light flash, and a professional Canon DSLR camera, and is ideal for social sharing and photo printing (optional photo printer required).

The HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO PWR Photo Booth has high-end features two light sources, an LED ring light and a strobe light with a quick bounce card, that power the hottest photo types including video, SloMo video, animated GIF, face-morphing, animated green screen, single shots, and more. Other unique features of our photo booths include a colorful LED accent light around the kiosk head and an Apple iPad mount with dimmable LED lights that support an additional photo booth experience via the back of the photo booth!

Powerful Features for Photo Marketing Campaigns & Brand Activations

Our HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO Photo Booths are purchased by top marketing agencies that utilize our photo booths' powerful marketing features including branding overlays, start-screen customization, copy customization, and survey/ data collection. The event photos can be saved locally to the hard drive or Cloud-based storage platforms.

Are you looking for even more customization options? We can deliver your photo booth with a branded graphics wrap for $500.

Lifetime Technical Support

All HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO Photo Booths include a 1-year warrantyfree lifetime support, and 30 days of free HootHelp remote support. Our HootHelp service includes Zoom software tutorials, printer setup, and branding assistance. After the 30 days of free remote support, you may purchase a 1-year HootHelp subscription to continue the remote support service.