Work From Home Zoom Green Screen Backdrop & Vlogger Studio Kits l HootBooth

Work From Home (WFH) Green Screen Backdrop Kits

With more people working from home more than ever, we've had people from all over the United States contact us to ask us about how to use our products in their daily work from home environments.

We've curated our top-selling photography items to make working from home easier than ever. Check out our new ZOOM Green Screen Videoconferencing Kit which includes our 8' x 8' reversible white/ green screen/chroma key backdrop and two of our best selling LED Video Lights with softbox diffuser panels for looking your best during endless hours of video conferencing calls. 

Our YouTube Vlogger Studio Kit includes our 8x8" reversible white/ green screen  (chroma key) backdrop, 19" beauty ring light with mounts for the camera, tablet, and smartphone, and optional LED Video Lights.