Zoom Video Conference Kit With Video Lights & Green Screen Backdrop l HootBooth®

HootBooth® Zoom Video Conference Kit With Video Lights & Green Screen Backdrop

Look your best while working from home with our ZOOM Video Conferencing Green Screen Backdrop Kit.

One of the great features of ZOOM and other videoconferencing platforms is that it allows you to create a professional and fun environment - even if your home office isn't exactly 'Marie Kondo' clean.

Our ZOOM Videoconference Kit includes our wrinkle-free versatile, reversible 8-foot x 8-foot white/ green screen (chroma key) backdrop, a set of 'always on' LED video lights with softbox diffuser panels, and a free download of our favorite high-resolution ZOOM virtual backgrounds including Beach Scene, Tiger King, Animal Crossing, The Bat Cave, Minecraft, Parks & Recreation, the Moon, Starship Enterprise and more!

This kit can be used for any video conferencing platforms that support virtual backgrounds including Google Meets, Webex, and more!

Watch the video to learn how to set up the ZOOM videoconferencing platform to work with your new 8' x 8' green screen backdrop.

Fast and easy 5-minute studio kit setup

8 ' x 8 ' Green Screen/ White Backdrop

  • Reversible and wrinkle-free 8 green screen on one side for use with virtual background settings in the ZOOM app
  • White on the reverse side if you are wanting a clean white background
  • Backdrop frame creates a flat, matte light-absorbing canvas for optimal video environments
  • The backdrop fabric zips tightly around the sturdy aluminum frame

LED Video Lights

  • Creates a beautiful fill light for optimal video production environments
  • Included softbox diffuser panel reduces harsh shadows that are magnified over video
  • Dimmable settings for cold & warm lighting 
  • Tiltable head to adjust the video lights to any lighting condition
  • Adjustable from 26" to 75"

One (1) 8' x 8' reversible green screen / white backdrop, aluminum frame, travel bag for easy transport, two (2) LED Video Lights with a travel case, and downloaded virtual backgrounds.

Desk, chair, and laptop not included

Lifetime email, phone & Knowledge Base support. 30 days of free HootHelp remote support.

1 year limited warranty