3 Features Of The iPad Photo Booth That Will Have You Saying 'Cheese!'

3 Features Of The iPad Photo Booth That Will Have You Saying 'Cheese!'

July 01, 2018

We're living in an age of startups. As technology becomes more accessible and affordable, creating and establishing your own business is easier than ever; however, that also means you'll be facing significantly more competition -- you'll need to think outside the box to rise above those cheap and paltry imitators to capture and hold your consumers' attention.

What better way to engage with your customers than through tech that encourages action and inspires delight? With an iPad photo booth, you'll be able to market in a memorable and -- most importantly -- fun way. Let's take a look at three features that make the iPad photo booth a surefire marketing winner.

  • Portability: Many iPad photo booths come in easily-movable sizes.The lightest of the HootBooth iPad Photo Booths is the ILLUMIN8 ROVR that weighs only 3.5 lbs when taken off the stand. This novel iPad photo booth can interact with the crowd at any event; perfect for activations, festivals and weddings.
  • Easy Assembly: Nobody wants to fuss around with tools and equipment, especially when they've got such a fun gadget just waiting to be used. The best iPad photo booths don't require tools to put together -- assembly takes less than a minute. This means your customers have more time to experiment and play around with them, and you have more time to spend on one-on-one interactions.
  • Flexibility: No matter what your needs are, these photo booths can meet them. Want to set up a simple booth in your retail location? Choose the wall-mounted photo booth. Expecting to be constantly on the move? Choose the booth that has wheels. Need to be solidly placed in one location? The original iPad photo booth can do that.

With so many photo booth machines and experiential marketing events to take advantage of, you can create a lasting, positive impression with current and potential customers. Photo marketing is more lucrative than you can imagine; owning a photo booth for your brand activations can only help your business bloom and grow.