O'Neill Utilizes HootBooth Photo Booth for Brand Campaigns

Customer Spotlight: O'Neill Utilizes HootBooth® Photo Booth for Brand Campaigns

August 25, 2015

HootBooth® Photo Booths: Perfect For Brand Activation Campaigns

O'Neill, the California-based surfing apparel retailer, recently purchased a HootBooth® Webcam Print+Social Booth model to use at surf contests it sponsors and other brand activation campaigns.  O'Neill sets up the HootBooth® Photo Booth in their sponsorship tent and has a branded backdrop with beach themed props, a branded start screen on the photo booth and provides each person who uses the photo booth with a branded photo strip.  The HootBooth® Photo Booth kiosk also posts each O'Neill-branded photo booth image to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  People who use the photo booth can also email or text the O'Neill-branded branded photo booth image to friends or send to themselves and then easily post to Instagram or Snapchat.  

HootBooth Photo Booths Grow Your Brand's Social Reach 

While people who get their picture taken in the HootBooth Photo Booth love to walk away with a print branded with the super-cool O'Neill logo, the Marketing team at O'Neill is very interested in the social sharing capabilities of the HootBooth Photo Booth.  With each post of an O'Neill-branded photo booth image on social media, a new brand impression is made for the brand through the sharing of these images on various social media channels that the HootBooth Photo Booth can upload to.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo booth image is worth a thousand 'likes'!   Not only do people love to share photos of themselves, but according to research conducted by Buzzsumo, images and other content that invoke laughter, amusement and awe, is the most 'sharable' content; photo booth images fit the bill!



HootBooth Photo Booth Makes Social Media Sharing Easy!

According to TrackMaven, 33.8% of people 'Like' content on Facebook and 26.7% of people 'Share' content on Facebook. This underscores the fact that it takes more effort to get readers to share content.  Photo Booth images are very 'shareable' and the HootBooth Photo Booth software makes it easy for people to post and share your branded photo booth images on various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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