HootBooth® MINI & DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth Getting Started Guide

HootBooth® MINI & DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth Getting Started Guide

Thank you for your HootBooth® MINI DSLR EventPRO photo booth purchase!  

This Getting Started Guide will help you assemble your hardware and learn more about the photo booth software that comes installed on your photo booth's computer.


  • Click here to download the  HootBooth MINI OR DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth Hardware Assembly Guide (PDF).
  • Click here to view the Ring Flash Settings annotated photo.
  • Click here to view the Ring Flash and Camera Settings video.
  • Click here to view the Printer Setup video if you purchased the optional printer.
  • You will need an extension cord to complete the assembly.  Once your photo booth is assembled, run the extension cord down the tubes in the middle of the pedestal and out the bottom of the base. 


  • Your software license key has been pre-authorized on your photo booth.
    • The password to login to your photo booth software is: hootbooth


    • Important camera settings:
      • The camera in your photo booth needs to be set to run in Manual Focus as the Auto Focus settingon the camera will cause your photo booth software to freeze. You will find the 'Manual Focus' mechanical switch on the front left side of the lens. Note: We have had very good success with using Auto Focus with PBU software. 
      • The camera's Exposure Mode must be set to run in Manual Exposure Mode in order to create the optimal lighting conditions needed to capture the photo booth images.  Because you are operating in Manual Exposure Mode, you will need to manually adjust the exposure settings as the ambient light source changes during your event.  For example, if your event starts in daylight hours and continues into the evening, your ambient light conditions will change and you will need to adjust the camera's Aperture Settings to account for the ambient lighting changes. 
    • You should consider using a small backup universal power supply (UPS) for your unit as anytime the photo booth is accidentally unplugged or improperly shut down, damage may occur to the operating system of your photo booth's computer.  You can purchase a universal power supply at your local electronic store for $25-$35 USD.
    • Always clean out the printer's paper trimmings tray after an event.  Not cleaning out the tray will cause the printer to become jammed.  This is the number one reason for printer failures but can be easily prevented.
    • Consider joining this Facebook Group to connect with other people using your photo booth's software.
    • Your photo booth purchase includes 30 days of free HootHelp remote orientation service to help you become familiar with your photo booth's hardware and software. Please check your email with the original tracking and setup information for a link to schedule a software orientation with one of our HootHelp experts. 
    • 30 minutes prior to your HootHelp orientation session, please turn on your photo booth using the power button and connect it to the internet.
    •  We will log in to your photo booth's PC using a program called 'Team Viewer' to remotely connect to your photo booth in order to assist you with any questions you might have.
    • After your 30 days of HootHelp expire, you may purchase an annual HootHelp Remove Service Plan here in order to continue the remote assistance and troubleshooting for your HootBooth®photo booth.