Why a DJ Should Buy A HootBooth® Photo Booth

Why a DJ Should Buy A HootBooth® Photo Booth

November 02, 2018

Competition in the wedding DJ business is fierce and differentiation is one way to set yourself apart. The right photo booth solution can do just that!  Did you know that you can double your revenue per event by adding a photo booth rental to your service offerings? The average photo booth rental revenue per event is $800-$900; you can easily pay for an iPad photo booth within just 2 gigs or a DSLR photo booth within 6 to 7 gigs. Thats a super fast return on your investment!

Photo Booths are very popular for all sorts of events you are already getting DJ gigs for: weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and birthday parties. They create fun and give guests a way to socialize and enjoy the evening together.  Having a photo booth to offer as an add-on to a package makes a lot of sense. Especially for an existing business that already caters to the wedding and party scene such as a DJ business. You have probably already added uplighting to your service offerings and adding a photo booth will allow you to provide a full service offering - which makes it a one-stop-shopping trip for your customers and it will increase your revenue per event. 

DJ's are already hauling equipment and getting set up for the “big party” of the night. So, bringing additional equipment to a gig is just another day at the office. The key to adding a photo booth to a DJ setup is having something simple and robust.

The HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 iPad Ring Light Photo Booths are a great option for DJ's. We offer the ILLUMIN8+, a stationary iPad photo booth that can be set up in 5 minutes and the software is so easy to use, it doesn't require an attendant. (Yes, that means this photo booth rental is almost pure margin!

The HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 ROVR is our innovative 3.5 lb. 'roaming' photo booth which is a totally interactive experience! With this model, a photo booth attendant caries the 3.5 lb. ring light social media photo booth to the dance floor, the bar area, or wherever the guests are hanging out to bring the photo booth to them! The chasing color LED right lights attracts guests to the booth and when it's time for them to pose for the camera, the ring light changes to a standard white LED ring light. Guests can take their photos and immediately post it on any social media platform, including Instagram and Snapchat, and also text or email the photo to their phone. The software in our product has crazy cool features including animated GIFs, Boomerang, Burst photos and single shot photos - all with the ability to add face tracking and face altering filters and digital props.

If you want to offer more advanced photo features such as printing, SloMo, video testimonials and animated green screen, you'll want to look at our HootBooth®  DSLR EventPRO line of photo booths. These photo booths have more advanced hardware features including a DSLR camera, a professional ring light flash and a photo printer that fits right under the display so your guests can grab their photos right after their photo session. The photo prints can be customized with your client's wedding logo or other artwork. Along with photo printing and advanced photo features, this line of photo booths also includes robust social sharing capabilities as well as texting and emailing of photos. The most compact EventPRO product is our 27 lb. HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO+ Augmented Reality Photo Booth. This compact and stylish photo booth sports a tilting kiosk head with chasing color LED lights, a professional ring light flash and built-in strobe with bounce card that produces a beautiful halo effect to photos - no beauty filter needed! The 24.2MP Canon DSLR camera takes amazing photos that will look great in the photo prints. There's a lot of technology and capabilities packed into a 27 lb. footprint. If you are wanting to offer the most advanced photo capabilities in the smallest footprint, this is the product for you.