Event Types Perfect For Photo Booth Rentals

Event Types Perfect For Photo Booth Rentals

December 07, 2018

Digital photography has evolved significantly over the last 10 years but the fun of taking photographs remains just as popular as ever. So much so, that owning a photo has become a very profitable business venture. But if you want to buy a photo booth and start your own photo booth business, you'll have to understand which events are best suited for photo booths. With that in mind, here are just a few of the most popular events for photo booth rental companies:

Experiential Marketing Events

Experiential marketing events are booming in popularity due to their immersive and innovative technological breakthroughs. Businesses can now make more of an impression by creating a hands-on experience that enables customers to make positive memories associated with the event, and by extension, the brand itself. One great option for experiential events is the use of hashtag printers. These unique types of photo booths will print photos that guests post to Instagram and Twitter that are tagged with an event's unique branded hashtag. Event professionals that rent photo booths to experiential marketing agencies can bring in significant income. In fact, for some event rental companies, experiential marketing event clients represent their biggest source of revenue. 



Thousands of couples tie the knot every day in the United States and most weddings have guest lists of 75-200 people. Photo booth rentals are becoming more and more common at weddings simply because the couple aims to provide a fun activity at the wedding reception that is fun for guests of all ages. Whether sharing photos via a social media photo booth (a selfie booth) or taking home a photo print from a DSLR photo booth with printer, photo booths are hands down the most popular form of entertainment at a wedding reception. 


Corporate Events

Lastly, corporate event planners often seek out photo booth rental companies to make their corporate event more memorable and have a fun activity for employees to share in at events. These types of events are also a major source of revenue for many photo booth rental businesses because they often have large budgets to spend on rental package upgrades like green screen photo booths rentals and extra hours of service. Depending on the number of employees attending the event, they may rent multiple booths with various capabilities.


As you can see, there are limitless opportunities to make the most of owning a photo booth rental business. For more information about where to buy a photo booth, contact HootBooth® Photo Booth.