How You Can Get Brand Activations Right With Photo Booths

How You Can Get Brand Activations Right With Photo Booths

December 14, 2018

A brand activation is an event, sponsored by a brand, that increases brand awareness and engagement with that brand.

There are many different tactics to include in a brand activation  and having photo booths at these types of events are one of the best ways to engage the audience. Here are some reasons why:

Branded Experiences

A photo booth used in a brand activation will have a branded start screen and other branding elements including branded photo overlays and branded print templates. This is a great way to reinforce the brand name at events.

Easy Social Media Connection

Any good photo marketing campaign needs to directly connect to various social media platforms to stay relevant. After users snap their pictures in photo booth machines, they can easily and quickly upload those photos to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All of these platforms are important tools for engaging consumers and building a relationship with them. On Facebook alone, there are over 240 billion photos that have been uploaded and as of August 2013, there were 350 million photos uploaded on the platform every day. With a strong social media presence, a brand has almost limitless potential.

Creative Flexibility

Every photo booth experience is different, depending on the brand and the event. No matter how many photo booths a person has used, they'll have a totally new experience with your brand's specific booth. To keep visitors interested and engaged, use fun photo booth backdrops and provide plenty of props. The backgrounds are also your opportunity to get your brand into the photo. You can get even more creative with modern photo booths by incorporating GIFS, green screens, and 360 perspectives that make users feel like stars.

Create Branded Keepsakes

When friends and family use a photo booth with your brand on it, they're taking home physical evidence of a cherished memory that has a reminder of your company printed on it. Whether you use a backdrop with your logo on it or put your logo on the bottom corner of the photo, every time someone looks at it they'll see your brand. When they put the photo strip on their refrigerator, they're also putting your logo up there for all of their friends and family to see.

If the goal of brand activations is to bring both awareness and engagement to consumers, there's no better way to do that than allowing them to create a memory and then bring a memento home that they can look at for months or years to come. For more information about buying a photo booth for your brand activation campaigns, contact HootBooth® Photo Booth today.