3 Unique Experiential Marketing Ideas

3 Unique Experiential Marketing Ideas

December 19, 2018

Modern consumers tend to look for a memory-creating experience they can look back on fondly, rather than a product with a logo stamp that will sit in their junk drawer for years to come. Experiential marketing can come in many forms, from smartphone apps to photo marketing, but the end result is always the same: the consumer is engaged with the brand and has formed a memory that will stand out in their mind. Know these experiential marketing ideas for your next event and use one to advance awareness of your company.

  1. Photo Booths

    What better way is there to allow consumers to create a memory they can look at fondly for years to come than a photo booth? Photo booth machines allow consumers to take fun pictures with their friends and families and then bring those home, making them always remember your company. You can customize it with photo booth backdrops or by wrapping the photo booth kiosk with your company's name and logo. With an iPad photo booth, users can share their pictures to social media, enhancing your company's photo marketing. As people share 730 billion photos per year on Facebook and about 22 billion per year on Instagram, engaging consumers on social media is a must for any company's marketing campaign.

  2. Experiential Catering

    Food is a beloved staple in almost everyone's life and consumers love when they can get free, delicious food at an event. If you serve outstanding food, consumers will associate that tastiness with your company and remember you in the future for your dedication to good eats. When possible, you can even connect the experiential catering to your company. Find a catering company who will work collaboratively to create hor d'oeuvres and cocktails with a theme that relates to your brand.

  3. Virtual Reality

    While virtual reality and augmented reality are making waves in gaming technology, they're enough of a novelty still that most people do not have it in their homes, but have heard of the technology. When you offer consumers the chance to try the much-talked-about virtual reality, they'll remember your company for giving them their first experience of it. This platform gives your company an opportunity for brand activations, as you can incorporate your business into the virtual reality program.

An experiential marketing event should be unique, creative, and memorable. Out of all the options, photo booths are the perfect opportunity to give your visitors a memory to take home while cementing your company as a leader of photo marketing innovation.

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