Here's How Photo Booth Rentals Can Boost Your Experiential Marketing

Here's How Photo Booth Rentals Can Boost Your Experiential Marketing Event

September 04, 2016

The word photography originates from two Greek words ‘photos’ and ‘graphé’. The meaning of the words is a ‘drawing with light’. What started as a creative art form has evolved significantly over the years and continues to work as a medium that brings people together in countless ways. One modern technological advancement of photography includes digital photo booths, which many businesses have been incorporating into their experiential marketing events. Here are just a few compelling reasons to consider buying a photo booth for experiential marketing purposes.


There's no denying that each and every business, regardless of its size and industry, has a differing and unique set of needs. Fortunately, digital photo booths can be customized in countless ways to best match the needs of both your brand and your experiential marketing event. Customers can see your company's branding, tone, and language conveyed accurately on the screen, which will assist in the essential communicative aspects of fostering a successful customer-brand relationship. Essentially, your customers are taking advantage of the technology itself and being influenced by your branding at the same time.

 Brand Awareness

As mentioned, owning a photo booth for your event can go a long way in boosting customers' overall awareness of your brand as a whole. A major reason for this is social media, where millions of images are posted each day. Photos taken at your experiential marketing event with a photo booth will inevitably be shared by the people in them, which will, in turn, be seen by their friends and followers, perpetuating the image's 'virality.' But what's even more important are the number of 'likes' and 'shares' generated from your audience, and subsequently, your audience's audience. Any photos people share from your event will increase brand awareness.


Memory Creation

There's no denying the fact that customers like hands-on experiences that help them to make memories at any type of event. If customers can take advantage of the fun and novelty aspects of taking photos at your experiential marketing event, they'll absolutely remember it more than they would were it not to have the same photo ops. That's why photo booths are so helpful for all types of brand activations.

Ultimately, these reasons should make you think twice about the importance of owning a photo booth for your next experiential marketing event. For more information about photo booth machines for sale, contact HootBooth®.