Customer Spotlight: Monster Energy

Customer Spotlight: Monster Energy

August 15, 2016

The Canadian division of Monster Energy, the popular energy drink company, contacted us to find an easy way to print photos on demand at sporting events and band tours that they sponsor around the world.  

They have event photographers on staff at the sporting events and concerts they sponsor and needed a way to quickly photograph and print the action that was happening during each events.  By using an EyeFi card attached to the event photographer's DSLR, coupled with our innovative Hoot Hashtag Instagram Printer, the event photographer can wirelessly send photos taken in the field at the event to the Instagram Printer.  The Hoot Hashtag Instagram Printer's software can be set to 'grab' photos sent from the EyeFi card and place them in the software's 'watchfolder' to either automatically print or print on demand by using the touchpad display.

Photo credit: Monster Energy