NEW! Work From Home ZOOM Videoconference Green Screen Kit l HootBooth

July 31, 2020

Many people are working from home today during the pandemic and want to look their best on all those ZOOM videoconference calls.

We have your back! As photography experts, we've curated our favorite products to help you look your best while working from home. 

Work From Home ZOOM Green Screen Backdrop Kit

Did you know that many videoconferencing platforms allow you to add a virtual background? This feature is fantastic and really helpful so you can create a professional (or fun!) environment during your business conference calls - and during ZOOM Happy Hour with friends! 

ZOOM Videoconference Backdrop Kit

To add a virtual background, you need a green screen backdrop (also called a Chroma Key backdrop) that is placed behind you while on a videoconference meeting. The green screen backdrop, in combination with the 'virtual' background JPEG image that you've uploaded to the videoconferencing platform, shows your image in front of this virtual background. If you watch a weather forecaster on the news, then you've seen this type of technology in action. 

Our ZOOM Videoconference Green Screen Kit includes our favorite photo accessories that allow you to look your level best on video meetings and includes our wrinkle-free reversible green screen & white 8 foot x 8 foot backdrop, white balance-adjustable LED Video Lights and 9 fun virtual backgrounds images.

We also have a Zoom Video Green Screen Kit with a Logitech C90 Pro Webcam. This is the *most* popular webcam on the market. It reduces videocam barrel distortion caused by PC cameras. It also has amazing audio quality. 

After you've ordered your green screen kit from us, check out quick tutorial on how to add virtual backgrounds to your ZOOM videoconference account.