How To Open Your Retail Store or Restaurant Back Up Safely

July 10, 2020

Queue & Capacity Solutions For Retail & Restaurants

Opening stores and business back up safely while complying with maximum capacity regulations is the difficult 'new normal' in the time of COVID-19. Different business types have to comply with different rules for retail capacity depending on the state or county where the business is located. For example, some grocery stores can operate with 50% or 75% capacity while a bar is limited to 25%.

Clear Messaging & PPE Required

The only way for a business to comply with max capacity regulations is to set up a line, or queue, to the entrance of your store or restaurant. It's also a good idea to place automated temperature readers with face mask protection and plastic barrier systems in your restaurant or retail environment. Retail and restaurant queue management is expensive if utilizing staff and confusing to customers if social distancing policies aren't clearly communicated. Managing the customer line, or flow, into your store is critical to ensuring the safety of customers and staff.

Amazing Technology. Amazing Price. 

We have a solution for that. The HootBooth LumaVu Digital Signage solution automatically manages the queue saving you money, ensuring compliance with government regulations and clearly communicating your store's social distancing policies. Our smart digital signage automatically detects customers' entries and exits and displays real-time capacity metrics for your establishment. Our signage solution provides important visual queues - red and green colors' or Stop' & 'Go' messaging - so your customers know when they can safely enter your store. 

24/7 Automated Compliance Of Maximum Capacity Regulations

Our digital signage solution is rated to run 24 hours, 7 days a week without damaging the display and provides continual, automated compliance with social distancing regulations. It's the perfect social distancing signage for around-the-clock businesses such as pharmacies, convenience stores and grocery stores.

Display Social Distancing Metrics & Promo Ads On The Same Digital Sign!

HootBooth takes the guess-work out of shopping for an affordable, portable and easy-to-use automated queue & capacity management solution for your retail store, restaurant or other public venue. Our automated queuing signage is available in 55" Full HD and 65" 4K UHD so there's plenty of room to showcase promotional store messaging and social distancing guidelines on the same digital sign! Consider adding another portable digital sign or 2x2 Video Wallto entertain your guests while they wait in line. With these solutions you can show the weather forecast, scrolling headlines, social media feed, ESPN feed and more!

Turnkey, Easy-To-Setup Solution

Our turnkey queue management digital signage solution includes all hardware and software required for setting up your queue management digital signage system. Our signage is easy to set up and is available in a portable rolling stand or ceiling-mount. Both options support portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientations. 

Watch the video to see it in action and contact us to learn more!