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The HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO PWR MAX photo booth is our most advanced photo booth for event professionals. This 43 lb. photo booth sports a large 21.5" touchscreen display, two light sources - an LED ring light and strobe flash with a quick-bounce card, and two cameras - a Canon EOS M50 mirrorless DSLR camera with 4K video recording and a Logitech C920 webcam. This powerful photo booth has a dedicated PC (not a tablet) that powers computational-heavy photo types with ease including video, augmented reality photos, SloMo (slow-motion) video, animated green screen, animated GIFs, and hashtag printing.

The HootBooth® EventPRO PWR  photo booth weighs only compact 27 lbs. and features our Snapchat Lenses Augmented Reality filters as well as other high-end features that come standard with all our EventPRO photo booths including green screen removal, animated green screen, animated GIF, and more! The tilting head of the booth allows for perfect positioning of the camera and the colorful LED lights surrounding the perimeter of the kiosk will attract guests to the photo booth. The dimmable professional ring light, built-in strobe flash, and quick bounce card will make your guests look amazing – no beauty filters needed!  

The HootBooth® DSLR EventPRO Photo Booth weighs only 27 lbs. and includes a professional ring light that makes for a glam glow. It even sports an iPad mount on the back of the photo booth - perfect for slideshows, advertising, or as a secondary social sharing station! 

The HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 MAX iPad Photo Boothis our newest, 27 lb., 12.9" Apple iPad-based photo booth available in Pearl White or Black. This stylish product includes a gorgeous 19" dimmable ring light with an adjustable head and colorful LED's in the ring light and photo booth stand act as an 'Attract Mode' where the LED lights on the stand display green, blue, red, white, or 'chasing' LED colors that cycle through the LED colors. It's a crowd-pleaser and a great way to draw guests into the photo booth area for photo time.

Our innovative photo booth software captures Animated GIF photos, Boomerang photos, Burst photos, Single Shots, tons of face-altering (FA) and face-tracking filters, Animated Green Screen, and Magic Green Screen (magically removes the background to replace with a custom background.)

The HootBooth® ILLUMIN8+ iPad Photo Booth is a super easy-to-use social media photo booth with an adjustable, dimmable ring light. This photo booth offers crazy cool photo features including animated GIF, Boomerang photos, Burst Photos, and single-shot images - all with the ability for guests to add on face-tracking digital props - just like Snapchat!  This popular model is also available in a wide array of colors; check out the HootBooth® ILLUMIN8+ COLRZphoto booth available in Millennial Pink, Sky Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Lilac, White, Red, and Violet. 

The HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 ROVR iPad Photo Booth is two iPad photo booths in one: a stationary 13 lb. photo booth with lockable wheels that converts in seconds to a roving 3.5 lb. iPad Photo Booth. Simply lift the battery pack and detachable ring light mechanism off the stand and you're ready to roam.

All of our photo booths allow for branded start screens, brandable photo templates, a one-year warranty, lifetime tech support, and 30 days of our popular HootHelp orientation and remote support!