Travel Case for HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 MAX Photo Booth

Travel Case for HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 MAX Photo Booth

Our travel case for the HootBooth® ILLUMIN8 Max photo booth will house the entire photo booth unit including kiosk head, stand and pedestal. The travel case is suitable for air transit as checked luggage or air shipment.

Durable, internally padded case with handle, built-in smooth wheels, heavy-duty twist latch closing system and protective bumpers to protect the photo booth.

Case Material: Shatter-resistant ABS plastic and aluminum frame; interior padding molded to product shape.

Case Material: Molded impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene.

Custom padded interior

Telescoping handle

Roller-blade style wheels

Weight: 25 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions: 46.25" length x 21.5" width x 10.5" depth

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