Professional Photo Booth Buyer's Guide

Professional Photo Booth Buyer's Guide

October 19, 2018

People love photos and upload millions of them everyday to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This makes owning a photo booth for event rentals a great opportunity. If you're interested in buying a photo booth for your rental business, brand activations or experiential marketing events, we're here to help. Here's what you need to consider when you buy a photo booth.


Consider the Features

First, you should know that photo booths come with a wide variety of possible features. Two of the most popular features include social sharing of photos and instant photo printing. Instant photo printing provides users with an extra sense of novelty during their experience. But there's also the possibility of instant photo sharing; according to data from Benedict Evans, people share 730 billion photos per year on Facebook and around 22 billion per year on Instagram. Owning a photo booth with social sharing capabilities benefits both your event's visitors as well as your brand itself for events centered around brand activations. Make sure to consider these features carefully and compare them with your budget, which we'll discuss next...

Compare With Your Budget

You should definitely expect to spend anywhere from $2,000 - $10,000 on a professional grade photo booth. But remember that this initial cost is an investment that, with proper booth use, your business can quickly make back via ROI from photo booth rentals or brand impressions at experiential marketing events. Photo booths that print photos and include a photo printer will be more expensive than 'social media photo booths' that do not print. However, social sharing is an important feature with any photo booth and all HootBooth® Photo Booths include this feature. And for experiential marketing events, social sharing is super important.

Choose the Right Photo Booth Manufacturer

Finally, you'll have to shop around when it comes to finding the most reliable photo booth manufacturer. You want to find a photo booth manufacturer with great reviews, high quality products and lifetime customer support. At HootBooth® Photo Booth, we offer photo booth kiosks that printas well as social media photo booths - and we offer lifetime customer support and our products are all made in the USA and thoroughly tested by our team before shipping your photo booth to you.

Knowing how and where to buy a photo booth can help you to start your own photo booth business or carry out your experiential marketing event with success. For more information about photo booth machines for sale, contact us at HootBooth® Photo Booth.