HootBooth® Photo Booths

The HootBooth® Photo Booth - 100% Automated; No Attendant Needed!  

HootBooth® Photo Booths are all-in-one photo booth kiosks that are designed to include all components within the photo booth kiosk housing! And with the voice prompts and touchscreen controls on the large 23.8" commercial grade touch-screen display, the HootBooth® Photo Booth is 100% automated - no attendant needed!  It's never been easier to start a photo booth business!  The commercial-grade HootBooth® Photo Booth kiosk is fabricated with powder-coated aluminum with a sturdy steel base so there is never any camera shake.  And what's really unique about the HootBooth Photo Booth is that we offer the only photo booth designed with a commercial-grade 23.8" touchscreen display that has a 180 degree viewing angle! These types of displays are normally only available in high end commercial equipment for use at theme parks, in factories and other commercial environments.  In fact, the HootBooth® Photo Booth's commercial-grade touchscreen display is so durable that you can even hit it with a hammer and it won't break; watch the demo hereThe HootBooth® Photo Booth is so easy to operate that it's perfect as an 'unattended' model for permanent installations such as retail stores, restaurants, wineries, zoos and theme parks.  

The HootBooth® Photo Booth is also the perfect photo booth for corporate photo marketing events such as photo booths at trade shows and festivals and is a great way to promote your brand and/or company!  The HootBooth® Photo Booth has been purchased by major brands for promotional events including Salesforce.com, Home Depot, Element Case, O'Neill Surf, Hyatt Hotels, P&G and many more! The photo print design can include your brand's logo, our software can collect emails to be used for lead generation and marketing nurture programs and the kiosk itself can even included a branded logo wrap. Branded logo wraps begin at $500.  Call us for a custom quote.

 HootBooth® Photo Booths come standard with a 1 year warranty, lifetime email and phone support and 30 days of free HootHelp remote support for getting started and trouble shooting once you receive your new HootBooth® Photo Booth.  With your permission, we will log in to the integrated PC on your HootBooth® Photo Booth from our corporate office.  Our HootHelp 'orientation' service includes live tutorials for printing and social features, assistance in personalizing your photo booth start screen, printing templates and general Q&A and troubleshooting for the first 30 days.  You will always have the option to purchase 1 Year Remote Support  to continue the remote support service.